About Us

About Southern Light Solar & Roof Renters

Southern Light Solar began with one goal in mind: to make solar power both affordable and easy for Massachusetts -and as of 2016, Rhode Island –  homeowners and businesses. As residents of the Bay State ourselves, we were very aware of the rising and unpredictable costs of oil and electricity and the uncertainty that comes with it. We know that whether you’re a homeowner or a business, knowing what you’re going to pay each month is a welcome relief.

Our talent lies in making the complex world of solar simple, affordable, and accessible for our customers. From your initial consultation, to installation, to post-installation monitoring, we will work closely with you to ensure your transition to renewable solar energy is as seamless (and painless) as possible.

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Solar Energy Expertise Matters

Southern Light Solar has been exclusively focused on helping homeowners and businesses find the perfect solar power solution in the local New England market. Through the years of experience, the staff has mastered every aspect of solar energy design, choosing the right components and delivering the most effective solar energy system for each customer.

For Roof Renters, this solar mastery is THE cornerstone to delivering highly reliable solar energy production. That, in turn, is vital to delivering a hassle free roof renting experience. The Roof Renters goal is to deliver a service that the customer hardly notices. Set it and forget it.

Single Source – Full Responsibility

The company is not simply a project coordinator. Every important aspect of the roof renting program is managed by direct employees or a few trusted partners, where their unique expertise is needed.

From the initial roof preparation through the 20 years of an initial lease agreement, Roof Renters and Southern Light Solar will be the single source of contact for everything a property owner and solar energy project will need for success.

Examples Benefits of the Single Source – Full Responsibility Agreement

No Surprise Requests – No Surprise Charges

From initial site visit forward our team takes necessary actions to make sure the solar energy system has minimal impact on the property and its occupants for the system lifetime. For example, where needed we bring in roofing integrity experts to assess and address. A Roof Renters lease agreement includes all such actions.

We Ensure Continual Management

As the solar energy system owner, Roof Renters has a vested interest in 100% full production and zero problems. The Southern Light Solar design and installation ensures this to be the case. In the rare instances where acts of nature or other factors are at play, we respond immediately.

We Respond To Your Maintenance Needs

As landlord-tenant partners, we work together efficiently as needed whenever building maintenance is needed. We stage crews to assist in removing panels as needed for access. No sub-contracting. We perform regular preventative maintenance and only a phone call away for any other issues.