How Our Site Lease Works

Renting Your Roof for Profit

Roof Renters has pioneered the easiest and most effective way for a building or property owner to earn extra income without having to lift a finger. The program essentially allows Southern Light Solar, LLC to access only the roof of your building as a platform to install and operate what we know best – A solar energy production system. The owner in turn earns across the full term of the lease agreement.

The Rooftop Lease Explained

Southern Light Solar (SLS) offers a Landlord-Tenant lease agreement to any qualified structure and legal property owner. The owner must have all necessary rights to enter into the agreement as the legal landlord and provide necessary rooftop access and legal easement for the structure.

Access may be either internal or external to the building. Southern Light Solar designs, installs, operates, and maintains a solar energy system without interfering in the daily operations of the building occupants.

Southern Light Solar is the sole owner and fully responsible for the solar energy system. The Landlord is the sole owner and fully responsible for the building, the roof surfaces, and the corresponding maintenance and repairs.

Key Roof Rental Highlights & Benefits

Southern Light Solar Assurances

  • The basic lease is offered for 20 years;
  • Southern Light Solar may request to extend the lease for 5 years, limited to 2 extension over the lifetime.

Owner Benefits

  • Southern Light Solar pays the owner a lump sum after installation and operations commence;
  • Each year for the lease term, Southern Light Solar pays the owner an annual sum;
  • The lump sum and annual payments are explicitly defined in the agreement;
  • Southern Light Solar assists in moving panels as needed for owner-required maintenance needs.

Typical Rooftop Leasing Time Frame

The project goal for both Southern Light Solar and the building owner is to generate income as quickly as possible. With that in mind, there is an efficient and streamlined process in place. This minimizes not only the time it takes, but it also keeps building occupant and owner intrusions as low as possible, too. The basic steps are as follows:

Site Visit +
Legal Agreement

Design +
Required Permits

Construction +
Utility Connection

Upfront Payment
To Owner

This is typically a 4 to 6 month timeline