Ideal Roof Lease Locations

Renting Your Roof – Ideal Property Specs

Placing a solar energy system on a building rooftop is the quickest and most effective way for a property owner to begin earning extra income. This makes for the simplest and most straightforward solar and electrical designs. Permitting and getting other needed state and local approvals are also quick. This is mostly due to the fact that rooftop solar energy is a common installation practice in more densely populated states like Massachusetts.

What Makes a Property Suitable?

Building size, architecture and design, and age and condition are all import factors in speeding up this process and maximizing the property owner’s income potential. Some attributes we consider ideal or preferred include the following:

  • 20,000 Square Feet Minimum
    At least 20,000 square feet of unobstructed roofing surface area. From experience, this is a good starting point where enough solar power will be generated and where the owner will realize a persuasive income.
  • A Generally Large Area Flat Roof
    In general, the flatter the roof the better a candidate. However, slight pitch for drainage is rarely a problem. As pitch increases, solar designs may get more complex. We welcome the chance to review any opportunity, flat roof or not.
  • Acceptable Building & Roofing Integrity
    No surprise, a new building with a new roof is typically the ideal candidate for a solar energy system. As roofing materials age, maintenance and eventual replacement are needed. This isn’t an impediment, but it is best to address the roof integrity while a system is installed. Less frequently, the integrity of aging building structures may require inspection and repair or improvement.

Renting Your Roof - Ideal Locations

As the solar energy system owner, Southern Light Solar must be able to sell power economically to the local utility or power provider. Once in operation, another goal is to be able to maximize the power generated over time. This helps maximize the contracted payments to the property owner, too. The ideal location is relatively straightforward:

  • The property is well within the preferred specifications as a suitable property;
  • The area is serviced by a primary Massachusetts power utility – Eversource & National Grid;
  • Shading of the property is minimal. Local codes must allow for tree trimming or removal as needed.

Options Other Than Rooftops

On some occasions it may not be practical to install a rooftop solar energy system. Ground mounted solar may be an option. Unlike rooftop solar, locating solar panels on the ground can extend design and permitting time and effort. Some area building codes may prevent this from being a viable choice due to costs or other basic limitations.

Southern Light Solar may propose this option after running through possible building mounted options. At a minimum, 5 acres of cleared land would be needed.