What Is My Roof Space Worth?

The Value In Renting Your Roof

This pioneering roof rental program is built upon a simple business principle. A facility owner provides Roof Renters a suitable platform to host a solar energy system. In return, we pay you a reasonable amount while shielding you from risk. It’s nearly as simple as any other landlord-tenant agreement.

We sell the generated solar power to the appropriate utility or power provider. Because of this, and the fact that each building may require different design and preparation, there are both small and significant factors that impact the exact payment we can contract.

In general, the goal of the program is to provide income that follows these approximate guidelines.

Initial Rent Payment
After installation, connection to the power grid, and permission to operate Roof Renters will make a lump sum payment to the property owner. By program design we target paying on average approximately $1 per square foot of space allocated for solar power, and as specified within the lease agreement.

Routine Rent Payment
Each year for the initial term of the original 20 year lease agreement, the owner receives a regular lease payment.

This is also designed to average approximately $0.10 per square foot of space allocated for solar power.

Lease Extensions
Roof Renters may in the future extend the lease beyond the initial 20 year term. This 5 year extension may be added no more than 2 times.

The extension assures the property owner of a 25% increase in routine rent payment.