Roof Lease Partnerships

Working With Roof Renters

Roof Renters wants to share solar energy benefits as broadly as possible. We were created to help Massachusetts meet its solar power capacity growth goals by providing a novel alternative for property owners outside of a purchase.

Our Partnerships allow even those who aren’t in a position to invest or don’t own a sufficient property to support solar to benefit from this solar revolution in the Bay State.

So, in addition to providing lucrative roof rentals, we also enable partnership opportunities for any person or any company that helps connect Roof Renters and property owners. If you or someone you know work in these areas, you may be in a position to make these win-win-win connections, helping to expand solar and providing income for all those involved.

Partnership rewards are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Ideal Partners

Banking & Finance

Bank-owned commercial properties, REIT’s and investment entities looking for avenues to increase profits or hedge losses.


Accounting entities for large commercial properties that can offer a means for a client to increase property profits or mitigate loss.

Commercial Property Brokers & Insurers

Commercial property brokers and insurance entities looking for a means to take advantage of Massachusetts incentives for their industry.

Architecture & Construction

We offer commercial architects and other structure design-build entities an added sustainable option to their designs.

Commercial Roofing & Electrical Contractors

Commercial roofing and electrical contracting companies should hear what we have to say to benefit their clients.

Essentially anyone providing products or services to property owners and property managers could be in a position to make a connection. These are generally trusted connections. Each referral gives all involved an immediate since of confidence. It’s a great opportunity to expand clean energy while sharing those solar power benefits as broadly as possible.

Roof Lease Partnership Inquiry Form

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