Our Roof Lease Process

How Easy Is Renting Your Roof?

By design, Roof Renters manages every needed detail to ensure that the initial lease operation is easy and hassle-free. The property owner simply signs and earns. In fact, that is the basis for entire roof renting process. It is a no hassle – no cost experience for the property owner.

Contact, Site Visit & Agreement

Contact Us!  We then visit to assess your property’s suitability, collect information, and consult with experts to ensure the project works well for both the property owner and Roof Renters. In the limited cases where repairs are suggested, Roof Renters may include them in the scope of the proposed lease agreement.

Design & Planning

Southern Light Solar finalizes the best solar energy system design, orders materials, and completes all tasks for permitting and approvals.

Scheduling & Construction

Roof Renters works with the property owner to set an installation date and to define the least intrusive staging areas and to agree upon proper building access. The goal is to minimize disruption of existing occupants and operations, as much as possible.

Final Approvals & Upfront Rent Payment

Utility Approval

The local utility or power provider must approve and authorize the solar power take-off to the grid
Although typically pre-approved this is a common last requirement to proceed

Initial Lump Payment

Once authorized and generating solar energy, Roof Renters submits to the property owner
the first lump sum payment as spelled out in the lease agreement.

Rent Payments Throughout the Lease Term

Annual rental payments are made as spelled out in the lease agreement.

That’s It!

Generally within 4 to 6 months of the first contact you are getting paid.